At Mama Pure Spices, we believe, that natural goodness is the way to go for a healthy, balanced life.

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  • Rujuta Deshpande, Mumbai
    Mr. Ajay , chandigarh

    The stuffed chilli pickle is very similar to what we used to get in our village. The flavor is so similar to the ones we get in our village farms.

  • Ms. Bandrawala, Mumbai
    Mr. Sumit , Allahabad

    When you polish the chili powder, it loses its protein. I am glad that I switched to Mama Pure Spices chilli powder as it has so many health benefits.

  • MIthraja Meenakshi, Mumbai
    Mr. Ashish , odisha

    You know whether the product is good or not from the aroma you get when the cooker goes off. I've noticed that other dals don't have the same .

Factory at :- The Peninsular Export company, Virudhunagar,Chennai,INDIA